National - Everything Analyzer

National - Everything Analyzer

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A comprehensive bundle that includes the National Block Group Analyzer and 52 State Analyzers (50 States + the District of Columbia + Puerto Rico & Islands).

Ultra-high resolution data at the Census Block level, plus everything in the Tract ZIP Analyzer plus everything in the County Analyzer: demographic, economic, and behavioral data in visual and spreadsheet formats, on each county in the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  Data is also aggregated at the national, regional, division, state, and congressional district levels.

The Everything Analyzer also includes the locations of known earth stations (primary users operating in portions of the CBRS band) and the locations of grandfathered 3,650 MHz links, each of which will impact spectrum availability in some locations.

Each of the 52 State Analyzers includes block-level data on fixed (fiber, cable, DSL, WISP, satellite, etc.) and wireless (LTE) infrastructure deployments.  They also include forward-looking data on likely rural broadband offerings that are expected as a result of service-level commitments of the winners of reverse auctions. 

The Everything Analyzer includes a downloadable link and a physical USB drive, that arrives in the mail, with the full suite of software.