Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) - Key Resources

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) is a $20.4 Billion federal initiative designed to bring fixed high speed broadband connectivity to rural homes and small businesses that lack it. The first phase will provide $16 Billion in financial support, over a ten-year period to the winners of the RDOF reverse auction. On October 29th, 2020 the Federal Communications Commission began a reverse auction of 61,766 Census block groups containing 786,952 eligible Census blocks.

RDOF Location Analyzer

The Location Analyzer – v.1.30 just released – provides precise address-level residential and business location data within the RDOF eligible areas.

Information appears in a powerful and highly customizable visual user interface, along with other RDOF-specific KPIs.  Also included is a set of Excel spreadsheets.  This tool is ideally used in conjunction with the RDOF Toolkit.  Together they enable a spectacular depth of RDOF market analytics.

The RDOF Location Analyzer is available in national and divisional (1/9th of the United States) bundles.

Getting Started Guide:

RDOF Toolkit

The RDOF Toolkit provides an exceptional set of tools - everything an auction participant might need to select markets and quantify the business opportunity.  The Introduction below describes its powerful capabilities as well as the long list of included data sets.  The Toolkit has graphical and spreadsheet elements, producing beautiful and information-packed visuals for investors and detailed numbers for a business plan.

The RDOF Toolkit is a business planning tool that logically precedes a bidder's network engineering / design effort, available in state and national versions.  Some users might be interested in the CBRS Toolkit, which is a general purpose telecommunications planing tool, applicable to fixed or mobile businesses.  It includes a wide range of demographic, economic, and behavior data, as well as competitive data, and is not limited to RDOF-eligible areas.  It is also available in state, national, and trial versions.

Introduction / User's Manual

A detailed discussion of the key data sets and features included in the tool.  This is essential reading for any new or prospective user (view):

RDOF Introduction

Getting Started Guide

A simple step-by-step guide to getting starting.  You will be up and running in minutes (view):

RDOF Getting Started

RDOF Toolkit - Video Tutorial 

Team License.

People normally work in teams.  The RDOF Toolkit is therefore generously licensed for use by a team (view)