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The FCC's CBRS auction (#105) concluded on August 25th, 2020, with 20,625 Priority Access Licenses (PALs) awarded to 271 qualified bidders, for a total of $4,585,663,345 in gross proceeds. Apart from the auction many firms are deploying CBRS under General Authorized Access (GAA) rules. Finally, a secondary market (sale and lease of PAL licenses) is likely to emerge.

The CBRS Toolkit is a business planning tool that provides the user with a rich collection of demographic, economic, and behavior data, as well as competitive data. It is useful in helping a telecommunications provider identify attractive geographic markets and develop the associated business case. It is applicable to fixed or mobile businesses. It includes a graphical user interface that can produce beautiful and information-rich visuals for investors and detailed numbers for business planning. The CBRS Toolkit is available in statenational, and trial versions.

Many firms plan to participate in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) reverse auction, scheduled to begin on October 29th, 2020. RDOF focuses on fixed broadband. It involves 20.4 $ billion of subsidies. The auction is attracting fiber, wireless (WISP), and satellite broadband providers. The RDOF Toolkit is a powerful market selection and business planning tool that is laser-focused on the RDOF opportunity.

CBRS Toolkit - Introduction / User's Manual

A thoughtful discussion of the key data sets included in the Toolkit and how they might be used in data-driven decision-making (view):


CBRS Toolkit - Getting Started Guide

A simple step-by-step guide to getting starting.  You will be up and running in minutes (view):

Getting Started Guide

CBRS Toolkit - Video Tutorial

Trial Version

A fully-featured trial version of the state-level toolkit, limited only by geography and for evaluation purposes only.  The trial version enables interested teams to fully understand the Toolkit (view).

Product / Feature Comparison

A comparison of the features included in each version of the Toolkit.  There is a version for every level of sophistication and for every budget (view).

Payment Options

The shopping cart supports several payment options: credit cards, bank debits (ACH via PayPal), and paper checks sent through the mail.  In the first two choices enable an immediately download.  Software ordered via a paper check will be fulfilled as soon as the check arrives. 

Please note that the National - Everything Analyzer, which is the most complete solutionincludes both a physical USB drive and a download.  The USB drive will take several days to arrive.

End-User License Agreement

The toolkit is generously licensed for team use.  Here are the details (view).