Michigan - RDOF Toolkit

Michigan - RDOF Toolkit

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A powerful business planning tool with data for all states except Alaska, plus the District of Columbia.  The Toolkit identifies and analyzes prospective Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) geographies: 

  • Ultra-high resolution block-level demographics (population, housing units, and households) for RDOF-eligible areas plus data on household incomes, business establishments, employees, payroll, and population growth.

  • Precise area calculations for every RDOF block group, block, partial block, and fragment.  

  • Forward-looking data highlighting likely rural broadband offerings that are expected as a result of the service-level commitments of the winners of the CAF II Auction.

  • Powerful filtering tools identifying areas relevant to specific technologies. 

  • Powerful clustering tools identifying adjoining areas that could be designed and built as a single integrated network.

  • Visualization tools enabling beautiful information-packed graphics for prospective investors and underwriters.

PLUS a single state or territory (per product name) of competitive data on fixed infrastructure deployments by technology and by speed.

This product is delivered via a digital download.