2024 Toolkits (legacy page)

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Investors, ISPs, grant writers, and government officials all need high quality data. BroadbandToolkit.com has three toolkits designed to enable fast effective data-driven planning / decision-making.

National Hex Toolkit. This is our flagship product. It provides a layered view of the all BEAD-eligible technologies (fiber, cable, copper/DSL, and licensed terrestrial wireless). It also includes a BEAD compliance section that visualizes eligible unfunded and underfunded project areas.

Fiber Strategy Toolkit. This is a sophisticated tool, providing a nuanced view of deployed last mile fiber infrastructure to broadband serviceable locations. It enables the strategic planner to see both presence and depth of deployments and to apply sophisticated filters. It also includes an exhaustive competitive database.

Fiber Strategy Toolkit Pro. Everything in the Fiber Strategy Toolkit PLUS road lengths summed by hex and an associated suite of fiber analytics, from the Fiber Pre-Engineering Toolkit.

Fiber Pre-Engineering Toolkit (Midwest, Northeast, South, West).  A suite of capabilities for estimating fiber deployment costs based on road distances.  It seeks to bridge the divide between strategic planning and implementation, compressing the timeframe between identifying a business opportunity and initiating a high-probability-of-success engineering design effort. 

Fiber Finder. This is a simple but powerful tool showing the location of residential and business fiber deployments.

Not sure which is best?  Let's do a Zoom to discuss your needs (here)!